Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wishing all of you a very happy and colorful holi !!! May you all have a blast today !!
As for me I am in office ...working :( ...... earning my daily bread . One of the biggest disadvantages of living away from India is that you miss all the festivals and the associated fun . I miss all the excitement, color, food, fun and laughter associated with this festival of colors , I miss my family today . But I take comfort in the fact that we might have an opportunity to celebrate holi on the weekend :) .
Eat well and play safely ...take care :)


LG said...

Happy Holi to you too N :)

Priti said...

Happy Holi to you too dear...very true...we can't enjoy the festive here..where you going in the weekend to celebrate?


Thanks LG :)

Priti ...have heard of some holi get togethers happening ..might go there ..or maybe just get together with friends and play with water ;) ..nothing is decided as of now ...let's see

notyet100 said...

Hi ,..WISH U happy holi,.belated though,..:-)i know how depressin it is to celebrate holi abroad,..so can relate with u a lotz,..tk cre,.:-)