Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grilled Garlic Chicken

Garlic ..... !! That was the first thought which came to me when I came to know that Garlic is the chosen one for Think Spice . Images of big garlic pods and smell of was I happy and excited.

But this initial euphoria was followed by a thoughtful phase ...what do I make which is different and new ?? That was the million dollar question . Then while I was trying to make a low oil grilled chicken as a part of a week long detox that it hit me .....why not have chicken which is infused with garlic . Since I was the only one who was going to have it ..I could afford to take the risk ...even if it didn't turn out to be good ... it would be one of those experiments about which no one needs to know. ;-)

But this one did turn out to be good fact it turned out so good that I made it the next day a special request ;-)

As all other much loved recipes it is a simple and healthy one....and here it goes

For 2 adults -

Chicken breasts - 2
Garlic - 6-7 cloves ( big ones)
Lime juice - 2 tb sp
Olive oil - 1 tb sp
Pepper powder - 1/2 t sp
Chili flakes - 1 tb sp
Salt - as per taste
Polythene zip lock pouch - 1

Clean the chicken breasts , removing all the extra fat that might be there . You may pound the breasts a little to ensure that they are equally thick all over . This would ensure equal cooking throughout and also helps in getting the seasoning into the chicken.

Pat the chicken breasts dry and make small incisions ( 3-4 / breast) . Take the garlic cloves and pound them so that they break open . Mix the olive oil, garlic pods, lime juice , chili flakes , pepper powder, salt to make the marinade . Put the chicken breasts in it and mix them well .Then insert the garlic pods into the small incisions on the chicken. Pour the whole thing into the polythene zip lock pouch and seal it . Refrigerate for 30 mins. to 2 hours .

When you want to have your meal , take out the chicken and put it on the grill ( I use my good old frying pan ) Let the chicken sizzle on the pan ... turn it after 3-4 minutes and cook on the other side. Ensure that the garlic stays inside the incisions ..this will ensure that the garlicky taste and aroma gets well inside the chicken

Cook both sides till they are brownish ...serve this chicken with oven roasted vegetables, salad ..rice ..almost anything you fancy .

You can drizzle it with some lime juice if you want to .

I am sure anyone who likes garlic would love this chicken.

This is my entry for Sunita's Think Spice - Think Garlic event .