Sunday, December 2, 2007

I am back now ....

There has been a long - long break from blogging for me .....No this was not an intentional one by any means ...... let's just say life happened to move too fast around me and I got caught up in its whirlwind . Guests at home , bouts of illness for both me and hubby dear , maximum work load at office , our annual India trip and my only brother-in-law's wedding ( loved every minute of it ) ...all this happened during this break and I am still catching my breath after all this ;-)

But now I am back and I promise to be more regular than I have been till now .....I just came back from my annual India trip and I am loaded with recipes of yummy food ;-) ....and I cannot just wait to post them all here .....But I am still getting the house and office in order and as soon as I get a grip on both of them I shall share all those recipes with all of you .

Till than take care and keep those cooking pots boiling and the stoves burning . :-)


Srivalli said...

Welcome back!..looking fwd to your recipes!

Sukanya said...

Hi, Glad to see your blog. I am sukanya and Iam glad to stumble upon another blogger from Singapore. I reside in Singapore too. If you get the time do check out my blog.
Maybe we could exchange the links of our blogs. Btw the photos are amazing.
thanks and regards