Sunday, October 7, 2007

Crisp Plantain (raw banana) Fritters

When I saw that bananas have been chosen as the ingredient for JFI last month , as usual my mind started racing , thinking about all the things I knew could be made using bananas .

As I belong to the Northern part of India where Bananas are consumed mainly as a fruit , there were hardly any north Indian dishes I could thing of . But then thanks to my dad's transferable job we have had the opportunity to live in different parts of our amazing country. My mother being a firm believer of the health benefits of having fresh and in season fruits and vegetables , did not hesitate to include the locally available goodies into the menu. She would take the recipes from her friends and then modify them to suit our palettes.

This is one of such recipes . I don't know from where she picked it up ...but it used to be a big hit with us especially on a rainy day . We used to have a number of banana trees in out back yard and I remember my mother picking a fresh plantain and then making these fritters for us.Both me and my brother loved the crisp fritters , with the subtle taste of the plantain enhanced with just salt and chilli.

Nowadays I hardly make any thing which is deep fried , but much to the glee of my husband these blog events give me an incentive to pour oil in my wok and pick up my karchi to fry something....

The recipe goes as follows -


Plantain/ raw banana - 1

Rice - 1/3 cup ( soaked in water for 2-3 hours)

Turmeric powder - 1/2 t sp

Salt - as per taste

Red chili powder - 1/2 t sp

Salt - as per taste

Oil - for deep frying


Coarsely grind the rice into a paste ( it should be coarse to touch and not a fine paste)

Add the salt, turmeric and red chili powder to this rice paste

Wash the plantain and peel off the peel. Cut diagonally into pieces of medium thickness.

Mix the plantain pieces into the rice paste and cover them with the rice paste well.

Deep fry 4-5 pieces at a time till the plantain is cooked.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup ,coriander chutney , or any other chutney of your choice

These can also be served as a part of lunch or dinner.


easycrafts said...

I have always made only chips of raw banana...this sounds interesting..thanks

Apple said...

Looks so colorful n Crispy...Nice recipe

Taste of Mysore said...

Nice Pics.


Looks crispy...I should give it a try..thanx for recipe...:))

sra said...

Nice pix, you made them look v tasty

TBC said...

Lovely pics. Colorful too.

Tracy said...

I have had something very similar in a restaurant before, and I was wondering how they did it.
Thanks for sharing this!

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thanks a lot everyone ...I really appreciate the encouraging words.

Easycrafts ...if u have tried them then please do let me know how u found them ...

Apple , taste of mysore, blogging is helping me improve the photography skills also ;-0......these pics though were taken by hubby all the credit definitely goes to him .

Raks kitchen and try it and let me know how u found it

Meera said...

These fritters look really yum!