Sunday, August 5, 2007

Phirni - traditional Indian Rice Pudding

Somethings hold a special place in the heart because of the memories associated with them . This particular dish is one of those things for me .....a very simple but delicious dessert ..this used to be the favorite ..made on all those small celebrations ..... highest marks in a class quiz, getting selected on some team . We used to celebrate all those small victories and accomplishments and phirni used to be a part of it :-) . Though I don't get to make this dessert that often now ....not because of the lack of occasions for celebrations ...but more so because of the wish/need to watch the calorie intake :-(

Someday when I have kids and I will need to celebrate their achievements and successes ..then maybe I will again get a chance to relish this favorite of mine :-)

Since it is served when chilled , summer time is the ideal time to make and relish this dessert. The gulab jal /rose water added also has a cooling effect on the body.

I saw that Rice is the selected ingredient for this month's JFI hosted by Sharmi of Neivedyam a plethora of recipes involving rice ran through my mind. But finally I chose this simple , cooling and sweet dessert as my entry into the event , not to mention that I got to make and eat it with my dear friends not to forget all with the "legitimate reason" of needing an entry for the event ;-)

Phirni / Traditional Indian rice pudding - Serves 6

Ingredients :-

Rice ( any white rice would do ) - 1/4 cup

Milk - 1 litre

Sugar - 6-7 tb sp. ( as per taste)

Rose water/ Gulab jal - 1 tb sp.

Dry fruits of your choice - as per taste

For this dessert , we need to soak the rice in some water for 1 hour or so and then grind the rice . The rice should be ground a little coarsely and not into a paste .

In the meanwhile , take a thick bottomed pan and heat the milk in it .Once the milk starts to boil , lower the flame and let the milk simmer for 15 -20 mins . Once the quantity has reduced a little add the rice paste into the milk . Add the paste very very slowly and constantly stir the milk as you do so . This step is very important , because if not stirred properly and constantly lumps will form and we do not want that to happen .

Once all the rice has been added to the milk , keep stirring the milk constantly for the next 10 mins . Ensure that the rice does not settle down and stick to the bottom of the pan. While stirring the milk you will notice that the consistency changes and it will have a creamy consistency.

Now , take the pan off the flame and add the sugar . Stir a little so that the sugar dissolves .

Once the contents of the pan are a little cool , add the gulab jal /Rose water and the finely chopped dry fruits .

Keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours .

Serve chilled !


Asha said...

I thought of Phirni too but I already have Pineapple phirni.Looks yum.I love this dessert!:)

Sri said...

I like this dessert :-) Nice photos....:-))


Thank you Ashaji ..I love it too ...
Thanks Sri ...this is the first time someone has comlimented me on the photos I clicked :-) U made my day !!

Taste of Mysore said...

ummmm...yummmm...I had the pleausre to eat this and it was heavenly.....Loved it from me and Raghu has sent in his compliments too.


:-) thank you ...I am glad you liked it ..

Sharmi said...

thanks for the beautiful entry. first time in your blog, keep it up.
I liked the phirni recipe a lot. have to try out sometime.


Thanks Sharmi,
Please do try this one out ..its simple and delicious ..I am sure you will not be disappointed :-)

Menu Today said...
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Menu Today said...

I am first time here. I tasted this dish long time back. Looks delicious..


hi today ,...try it again ..i am sure u'll like it ..
and i checked out your blog for the first time ...very nice one ...keep visiting